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Terms and Conditions of Entry

Event Terms and Conditions of Entry

Updated: 5 April 2023

  1. Introduction

    1. These Terms and Conditions of Entry (the “Terms”) are legally binding and contain the agreement between all attendees (“guest(s)”/“you”/“your”) of Nocturne Live to be held on 14-18th June 2023 at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire (the “Event”) and Nocturne Live Events Limited (company number 08832956) with its registered address at c/o U-Live 3 Pancras Square, London N1C 4AG (“Promoter”/we”/ “us”/”our”).

    2. Please read these Terms carefully as all Tickets to the Event are sold subject to these Terms, and they are deemed accepted by you (on your behalf and on behalf of everyone for whom you are purchasing a Ticket) upon purchase of your Ticket to the Event. They should be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions of the authorised ticket agent from which you purchased your Ticket which can be found on the ticket agent’s website. If these Terms are inconsistent with the terms of the ticket agent, these Terms will take priority. 

    3. We reserve the right to vary these from time to time without notice and at our sole discretion. Updates will be published on the Event websites and the date at the top of these Terms will be updated to reflect the date of the lates amendments. 

    4. Any directives or statements printed on the Tickets or posted or announced at or in relation to the Event, also form part of these Terms.

    5. In the instance of a breach of any of the Terms, we reserve the right to cancel the Ticket(s) and eject the offender(s) and retain all monies paid.

    6. As used herein, “Ticket” means a paper, mobile/bar code, email, wristband or such other form of proof of entry that becomes available on the market from time to time which grants you entry to the Event (or in the case of a parking Ticket, to the applicable parking area).

  2. Age Policy

  1. The following age policies shall apply for the Event. Any adult accompanying a person as required under this section 2 must provide proof of age by showing an identification document acceptable to us (“ID”) acceptable to us:

  1. NOCTURNE LIVE: Any person under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult over the age of 18. ‘Babes in arms’ do not require a Ticket, all other persons require a valid Ticket for entry.

  1. We strongly advise that persons aged 17 or below obtain the permission of a parent or legal guardian before attending the Event.

  2. We only accept the following forms of ID: Valid Photo Driving Licence, Valid Provisional Photo Driving Licence, Valid Passport, Valid PASS card from the National Proof of Age Standards Scheme (this is the best form of ID to bring if you don’t want to bring a valuable document). More information on how to obtain your PASS card can be found here. ID must be original. No copies or photos will be accepted. We reserve the right to refuse admission if, in our opinion (including that of any third parties instructed by us) there is any doubt that the Ticket holder is under the applicable entry age requirement. In such instance, you will not be entitled to a refund and your Ticket will be invalidated. 

  3. We and our suppliers operate a strict Challenge 25 policy across all bars at the Events and valid ID is required to buy and drink alcohol.

  4. Anyone under the age of 18 caught drinking or in the possession of alcohol will have the alcohol confiscated and may be ejected (together with, at our discretion, anyone in the same party) from the Event without any refund.

  5. Anyone over the age of 18 caught buying alcohol for someone under the age of 18 will be ejected (together with, at our discretion, anyone in the same party) from the Event without any refund. 

  6. It is your responsibility to check the suitability of the Event for you and any children in your party (if permitted) regardless of official age restrictions, this includes considering the type of audience the Event is likely to attract and whether such an audience is a suitable environment for everyone in your party. You will not be entitled to a refund if any aspect of the Event, including the behaviour of other attendees, causes offence to you or any children on whose behalf you have purchased Tickets.

  1. Ticket Purchase

    1. Only guests holding a valid Ticket will be admitted to the Event. You must retain your Ticket on you at all times during the Event. If you are using a mobile Ticket, it is your responsibility to ensure you have a sufficiently powered mobile device enabling you to show your Ticket for the entire duration of the Event.

    2. Tickets are not exchangeable, refundable or transferable. Re-sale or attempted re-sale is not allowed, unless expressly authorised by us (at our discretion) via Tixel, our only official Ticket reseller. Any attempt to exchange or transfer your Ticket in breach of this section shall result in your Ticket (and the Ticket of anyone in your party) being void (resulting in the Ticket not being valid for entry, and, if already entered, ejection from the Event) without refund. If you are buying or selling a Ticket from an official Ticket reseller, please read their terms and conditions carefully. Any Ticket purchased via a payment plan might not be eligible for resale even if paid in full. Any Tickets part paid for are not eligible for resale. 

    3. Tickets, wristbands and/or other forms of rights to attend the Event are personal, revocable licences granted by us to each Ticket holder and shall at all times remain our property. For security purposes, we reserve the right to recall any accreditation or other rights to attend the Event at any time.

    4. You are prohibited from using your Tickets as part of any promotion, competition, advertisement or give away, or as part of any product or service package, or for commercial gain, without our express written permission. Any attempt to do so will result in your Ticket (and the Ticket of anyone in your party) being void (resulting in the Ticket not being valid for entry, and, if already entered, ejection from the Event) without refund.

    5. We are not liable for lost, stolen or defaced Tickets or wristbands. If you lose or damage your Ticket or wristband, you will not be able to re-enter the Event site (or campsite, where applicable). All Tickets and/or wristbands will be checked when entering and leaving the Event, including the campsite (if applicable). Replacement wristbands will only be issued at the box office if the original wristband is still on the guest’s wrist at the time of request and may incur a charge, and our decision in this regard is final.

    6. Ticket price and availability may be subject to change without notice prior to purchase.

    7. Your Ticket may be invalidated without refund if any part of it is removed, defaced, altered or damaged, whether accidental or not. It is your responsibility to keep your Ticket safe and in its original condition. 

    8. Upon purchase, please check Tickets carefully as mistakes cannot always be rectified after purchase. Should you realise you have made a mistake during the purchase process, please contact your point of purchase as soon as you realise so that we may try to assist you. We may not be able to respond to such requests for assistance during or immediately prior to the Event. 

    9. Tickets are not issued on a sale or return basis and refunds will not be made on returned Tickets unless provided for under these Terms.

    10. Ownership or possession of a Ticket does not confer any rights (by implication or otherwise) on you to use, alter, copy or otherwise deal with any of the symbols, trademarks, logos and/or intellectual property appearing on the Ticket. 

    11. Tickets may be restricted to a maximum number per household or per credit card. These restrictions will be notified to you by our authorised Ticket agents before you make your booking. We reserve the right to cancel Tickets purchased in excess of this number without prior notice of such cancellation. 

  1. Groups

    1. The guest making the booking, when booking on behalf of other people, is responsible for circulating these Terms to their party and making sure that they have read and understood them, particularly Terms which relate to Entry & Exit (section 5), Prohibited Items & Unacceptable Behaviour (section 6), Accessibility Requirements (section 17), Epidemic/Pandemic including Covid-19 (section 19), Refunds (section 20) and Liability (section 22). 

  1. Entry & Exit

    1. For your safety and the safety of other guests, we reserve the right to conduct a security search of guests, their clothing, bags and any other items that we reasonably deem necessary at the entrance gates to the Event site, and generally during the course of the Event. Refusal to consent to such searches will result in the non-consenting Ticket holders being denied entry (resulting in the Ticket not being valid for entry, and, if already entered, ejection from the Event) without refund. 

    2. There will be no admission to the Event before the designated opening times on any day of the Event. Box Office times to be confirmed.

    3. We reserve the right to refuse you entry to and/or eject you from the Event. In particular but without limitation you may be refused admission to or removed from the Event for any of the following reasons: for health and safety or licensing reasons; if you behave in a manner which has or is likely to affect the enjoyment of other persons at the Event; if you use threatening, abusive or insulting words or mannerisms; if, in our reasonable opinion, you are acting under the undue influence of alcohol or drugs; if you fail, when required, to produce proof of identity or age; if you refuse to comply with the  security searches; if you breach these Terms; and/or if your Ticket is void.

    4. No refunds will be offered to guests who are refused entry or ejected from the site at the discretion of the Promoter.

    5. If you are refused entry to the Event, or have been previously ejected, you may not purchase another Ticket or otherwise gain entry.

    6. Failure to produce the appropriate receipt/Ticket or pass, when so requested, may result in ejection from the Event, without later claim or compensation.

    7. There are no pass-outs and no re-admission after first entry to the Event for any Ticket holders.  Upon leaving the Event each day, there will be no re-admission until the following day.

    8. To ensure the safety of our attendees, from time to time we may have to restrict entry and or exit from certain gates and at certain times. 

  1. Prohibited Items & Unacceptable Behaviour

    1. Prohibited items or any items that we or third parties acting on our behalf (such as security) deem to be either; a risk to the safety, security or enjoyment of others; unsuitable to be taken to the Event; or, may be used in an illegal or offensive manner (regardless of whether or not the item itself is illegal) are not permitted to be taken into the Event site. In certain circumstances, entirely at our discretion, we may allow you to dispose of such items in order that you may be admitted to the Event. In such circumstances, the items will be disposed of in any manner we think appropriate and you will not be entitled to recover such item at a later time. 

    2. Ticket holders may be ejected if found in possession of prohibited items inside the Event site. Prohibited items include but are not limited to:

      1. Food and Drink. Other than 1 x 750ml sealed plastic bottle of water (or an empty reusable bottle) per person, no food or drink can be taken into the Event site. If you have any specific dietary requirements that we do not cater for at the Event, we do allow a reasonable amount of food to be brought into the Event site for personal consumption. This must be agreed by us in advance in writing, and evidence of the same provided to security at the point of entry. Contact information can be found on each Event's website. A list of the vendors and foods available will be posted to our website closer to the Event;

      2. Drugs / Controlled / Psychoactive Substances – illegal drugs, Nitrous Oxide, ‘Legal Highs’ or any associated paraphernalia;

      3. Weapons or replica weapons (or anything that could be considered a weapon in our opinion or that of security providers);

      4. Animals (except registered assistance dogs); 

      5. Bicycles, roller-skates, skateboards, scooters, personal motorised or non-motorised vehicles, except for wheelchairs;

      6. Items considered to be dangerous or inappropriate in a festival environment, including, but not limited to; glass in any form, spray cans, gas canisters or compressed gas in any container, fireworks, flares, candles, pyrotechnics, smoke canisters, chinese lanterns, confetti, balloons, camp-fires, explosives, firearms, knives or blades, replica weapons of any sort, large golf umbrellas, stools, camping sticks, furniture, gazebos or parasols, sports equipment, flags and banners, megaphones, amplification equipment, speakers over the size of 22.5 x 12 x 10 cm klaxons, airhorns, laser devices, remote controlled drones, hi-visibility tabards or similar; 

      7. Any other items which we or our security providers reasonably consider could pose a threat to the health and safety or enjoyment of any other guests;

      8. All items listed as prohibited on specific Event websites, social media or other method of communication prior to the Event. 

    3. Moshing, crowd surfing, climbing on Event structures or existing park landscape and anti-social behaviour of any sort is not permitted.

    4. Please report any damage or breakages to our property as soon as possible so that we can carry out all necessary inspections. Small accidental damages or breakages of a minor nature will not normally be charged for, however we reserve the right to pass on charges to guests in our discretion for any damage or breakages caused.

  1. Smoking

    1. All guests must observe and comply with safety advice, site signage and ‘No Smoking’ areas. In accordance with Smoke-Free Regulations, the tented arenas and other areas of the Event are designated ‘No Smoking’ areas. Normal statutory rules and regulations apply and should be observed at the Event and failure to do so may result in ejection from the Event without a refund..

    2. You will be responsible for the costs of any damage caused by your smoking and for any fines which may be charged to us as a result of you smoking outside of the designated smoking area. 

  1. Nuisance

    1. You must be respectful of all other Event guests and those individuals otherwise at the Event and our neighbouring residents at all times. Any anti-social behaviour of any sort is not permitted.

    2. Guests who in our reasonable opinion are causing nuisance may be asked to leave the site immediately and will not be offered a refund.

    3. In the event that we receive a fine or are subject to any legal proceedings which require us to incur costs and expenses and pay any damages or if we otherwise suffer any financial loss which is attributable to your/your groups’ behaviour at the Event or when leaving the site and making your way home, for example, from the local council due to antisocial behaviour complaint(s), we reserve the right to recharge all such losses to you and you agree to pay the total sum of all such monies which we lose or are required to pay as a result of your behaviour or that of your group.

  1. Filming, Photography & CCTV

    1. Unauthorised photography, video, audio recording and transmission of the Event, the performers and the performance for professional purposes or financial gain is strictly forbidden.

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